No-Cost Quarantine Marriage Counseling photo

No-Cost Quarantine Marriage Counseling

Is spending too much time with your mate ruining your relationship? Try these no-cost quarantine marriage counseling tips to get things back on a peaceful, loving track.

Moving Away from Family to Better Afford Retirement Living Expenses

Some retirees find they must move to another city or state in order to retire comfortably, which often means leaving family. Which is worse? Going back to work or moving away? Retired readers who have faced such a move share the pros and cons.

4 Reasons to Take in a Renter and 7 Ways to Avoid Problems When You Do

You may have never pictured renting out a portion of your home, but if you want or need to stay in your home and need a little extra cash each month, renting out a spare room could be a great solution to your problems.

Strategies for When a Parent Refuses an Assisted Living Facility

Parents can be resistant to the idea of assisted living. Here are some strategies to try when they don’t want to face the fact that their current living situation is not the safest environment for them.

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Getting Siblings to Help with Caregiving of Elderly Parents photo

Getting Siblings to Help with the Caregiving of Your Elderly Parents

Can’t get your siblings to pitch in with the financial or physical care of your aging parents? Our readers share their advice and experiences on how to get some help while keeping peace in the family.

Simple Living Lessons from Grandma photo

7 Simple Living Lessons from Grandma

The Great Depression taught people a lot about frugality. Learn these 7 simple living lessons from Grandma and get by with less while still living well.

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