Should You DIY Your Own Estate Plan?

Some DIY projects save money. Others don’t. And still others can cost you – a lot. So is do-it-yourself estate planning a good idea? And what things do you need to consider if you choose to go the DIY route? We get answers from an expert.

Options for Investing Small Amounts

Can you really build wealth with as little as $50 a month? You could waste it, or you could build a nest egg with what you have. Try these options for investing small amounts.

7 Simple Living Lessons from Grandma

The Great Depression taught people a lot about frugality. Learn these 7 simple living lessons from Grandma and get by with less while still living well.

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Granny Pods: A Solution for Aging in Place?

Before you go setting up a granny pod for your elderly parents or hitting your kids up for a piece of their backyard to set up your own, here are some things that you might also want to consider.

Creating a Side Income in Retirement

A side income can be a great way to earn extra income or just stay active and busy during retirement. These tips can help you create a successful side income during your retirement years.

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