Financial Benefits of Living in a Mobile or Manufactured Home

Has the cost of your living situation become too costly? You may discover that living in a mobile or manufactured home may be more cost effective and affordable. We explore the costs of mobile home living.

Your Emergency Fund In Retirement: A Comprehensive Guide

How does retirement affect your need for a rainy day fund? Find out why you’ll still likely need an emergency fund once you’ve retired and how you’ll manage and use it a bit differently than you do pre-retirement.

Elder Fraud and Junk Mail

Do your elderly parents get a lot of junk mail? It could make them vulnerable to financial scams. Here are some recommended options to get rid of your older adult’s junk mail and reduce their risk of being scammed.

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Make Money Renting Out Extra Space in Home photo

Make Money Renting Out Extra Space in Your Home

Are you a homeowner? Have you ever considered making extra money sharing your space? These ideas aren’t for everyone, but might be a perfect source of extra cash for you. As much as $4k a month!

Collect Social Security as Son as Possible photo

2 Reasons to Collect Social Security Benefits As Soon As Possible

Those with a normal life expectancy typically are best to wait to claim Social Security benefits until full retirement age. But there are two situations in which you should collect as soon as you can. See if they apply to you.

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