Planning the 5 Years Prior to Retirement

If you’re in The Red Zone of pre-retirement, it’s time to get serious about your retirement planning. Use this phase in your life as an opportunity to take 5 important steps to your ideal retirement.

A Realistic Second Career for Retirees

If you’re considering heading down another career path in retirement, you need to be realistic in your expectations and careful to take the steps necessary to be successful. We explore what needs to be considered before starting out.

Closing in on Retirement with Very Little Savings

If you’re worried that Social Security alone won’t be enough to support you in retirement, you’re likely not wrong and you’re not alone. Our readers share what they are doing to make up for a lack of retirement savings.

Where Will You Live When You Retire?

You really need to determine how your retirement living choices will affect your finances and lifestyle before you make a final decision as to where you’ll live when you retire. We explore retirement housing choices with an expert to learn more about what we should consider.

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Finding Reliable Transportation for an Elderly Parent

It can be hard being the chauffeur for an elderly parent who no longer drives if you work. Try one of these options the next time Mom needs to get to an appointment and you can’t take the time off.

How to Waste Money

Practicing a few of these overspending habits will give you more financial stress and less financial security. Follow more than half and you, too, can qualify as a first-class money waster.

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