Is Downsizing In Retirement Right for You?

Should downsizing be part of your plan for retirement? It’s an important decision that you want to get right. We talk with an expert about the things you should consider to make the best decision.

10 Reasons to Kick Your Adult Children Out of the House

If you do decide to help out an adult child by allowing them to live at home, be sure to set firm guidelines and help them create a plan to get out on their own. And be prepared to kick them out for any of these 10 reasons.

Financial Considerations for People Getting Divorced In Their 50s

If you’re contemplating divorce, there are some important financial considerations for people getting divorced in their 50s. Overlooking something important could be devastating both post-divorce and in retirement. Here’s what you need to consider before divorcing.

What Empty Nesters Can Do With Their Homes

The kids have all flown the coop. Should you move? Stay put? Consider these different options for what you can do with your now empty nest.

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What a Spouse Should Know About Your Finances

Losing your spouse is challenging on its own, and that stress multiplies if you find you are in the dark about your family finances. Take these steps to make sure you both will be equally prepared for the future.

The Importance of Taxes and RMDs on Your Retirement Accounts

If you don’t understand the importance of taxes and RMDs on your retirement accounts, those taxes and RMDs could eat up a good portion of your retirement savings. Here’s what you need to know before you reach retirement age.

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