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Starting a Business in Retirement

You will face challenges when starting your own business in retirement, but there are also lots of benefits, too. Make sure you have an appreciation and understanding of them both before deciding to take the leap.

The Reality of a Million Dollar Retirement

We’re wise to consider the reality of what income our retirement nest egg can provide. Here’s a realistic look at a million dollar retirement. It might not provide as much as you’d expect.

What You Need to Know About Long Term Care Insurance Before You Retire

Once you reach age 65, the chances are 50-50 that you will need long term care before you die. And the average cost of that care is currently $140,000. A long term care policy can help you cover such an expense, but here’s what you better know before buying.

Smart Ways to Save on Summer Cooling Bills

During these hot summer months, we strive to keep inside temperatures low and cooling bills even lower. Keep your cooling costs in check with a few of these tips.

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Finding Part-Time Work When You’re 50+

Searching for a part-time job when you’re over 50 is a bit different than when you searched for your very first part-time job. Take these steps to find the right part-time job for you at this stage of life.

Comparing Retirement Housing Option

It’s time to start thinking about where you will live in retirement. The wrong decision can be costly so you want to get it right. We compare the many retirement housing options to help you determine the best housing solution for your retirement years.

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