Common Estate Planning Mistakes photo

Common Estate Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Don’t make an estate planning mistake that can’t be corrected. We explore common estate planning mistakes so you can take steps to avoid them.

Time Shifting: The New Way to Retire?

Many people aren’t ‘retiring’ or stopping work at age 65. They are doing what some call ‘Time Shifting’ and it is becoming the new model for retirement. Read on to see if time shifting might be a good strategy for your own retirement.

How to Leave a Legacy with Your Life Insurance

Do you dream of leaving an impact on your loved ones and communities after you’re gone? Take these steps to leave a legacy with your life insurance.

Why Empty Nesters Should Declutter Their Homes

If you have recently empty nested, consider these reasons why you should declutter your home. You might find that you’ll save both time and money as well as find a new joy in living in an uncluttered home!

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Should Retirees Consider a Life Settlement photo

Should Retirees Consider a Life Settlement?

Just what is a life settlement and how can it help you increase the value of your investment portfolio? Here’s what you should know before you put a value on your life insurance policy and sell it.

Managing Your 401k In Your 50s photo

Managing Your 401k In Your 50s

Here are some steps you should take once you reach 50 to maximize the benefits you’ll receive from your 401k when you retire. What you do now could make a big difference in your retirement.

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