Hiring a Caregiver for an Aging Parent When You Live Far Away

Hiring a caregiver for an aging parent can be hard, especially if you live far away from them. Here are some tips that can help you through the process.

What You Need to Know About Long Term Care Insurance Before You Retire

Once you reach age 65, the chances are 50-50 that you will need long term care before you die. And the average cost of that care is currently $140,000. A long term care policy can help you cover such an expense, but here’s what you better know before buying.

The Reality of a Million Dollar Retirement

We’re wise to consider the reality of what income our retirement nest egg can provide. Here’s a realistic look at a million dollar retirement. It might not provide as much as you’d expect.

You deserve a comfortable retirement.

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Affordable Small Kitchen Cookers photo

Affordable Small Kitchen Cookers

Preparing healthy, affordable meals in minimal time is simple if you have the right tools. See if you could benefit from adding a pressure cooker, rice cooker or slow cooker to your kitchen.

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Could Acquired Needs Theory Save You Money?

Do you have expensive acquired needs that you could easily do without? It pays to understand the difference between an acquired need and an actual necessity so you can stop shelling out money for wants disguised as needs.

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