The Reality of a Million Dollar Retirement photo

The Reality of a Million Dollar Retirement

We’re wise to consider the reality of what income our retirement nest egg can provide. Here’s a realistic look at a million dollar retirement. It might not provide as much as you’d expect.

Taking Over Your Parents' Finances

It’s wise to be prepared to step in and take over your aging parents’ finances just in case you are needed. These steps can help you be ready if/when the time comes.

Smart Ways to Save on Summer Cooling Bills

During these hot summer months, we strive to keep inside temperatures low and cooling bills even lower. Keep your cooling costs in check with a few of these tips.

8 Easy Ways to Combat Garden Pests

Keep pesky insects and animals away from your home garden with these natural and easy methods to combat garden pests.

Affordable Small Kitchen Cookers photo

Affordable Small Kitchen Cookers

Preparing healthy, affordable meals in minimal time is simple if you have the right tools. See if you could benefit from adding a pressure cooker, rice cooker or slow cooker to your kitchen.

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Helping Parents Move Out of Family Homestead photo

Helping Your Parents Move Out of the Family Homestead

Helping your parents move can be challenging in a variety of ways. But by taking these steps to preserve memories and handle the distribution of the home contents, you can make the transition much smoother for everyone.

Realtor Tips for Preparing Your Home for Sale photo

Realtor Tips for Preparing Your Home for Sale

Looking to sell your home? These home prep tips from a realtor could make the difference between a quick, successful sale or a house lingering on the market for months.

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