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When You’re Really Late to the Retirement Planning Game

When you’re really late to the retirement planning game, you likely won’t live out your golden years traveling the world. But, if you take appropriate action now, you probably won’t end up among the 10% of retirees who live in poverty.

Can a Reverse Mortgage Safely Boost Retirement Income?

Before taking out a reverse mortgage to increase your retirement income, you need to understand how a reverse mortgage works and the pros and cons of getting one. We consult an expert to find out what you need to know and consider.

10 Reasons to Kick Your Adult Children Out of the House

If you do decide to help out an adult child by allowing them to live at home, be sure to set firm guidelines and help them create a plan to get out on their own. And be prepared to kick them out for any of these 10 reasons.

Prepare Your Teeth for Retirement

Will you be losing your dental insurance through your employer when you retire? Prepare your teeth for retirement by taking full advantage of your dental insurance coverage while you still have it.

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How Empty Nesters Can Reduce Food Waste photo

How Empty Nesters Can Reduce Food Waste

In a time of rising food prices, it’s wise to reduce food waste, and as a result, grocery bills. But eliminating food waste can be a challenge as you adjust from cooking for a family to cooking to just one or two. These tips can help empty nesters reduce food waste.

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Slay the ‘Little Extravagances’ and Improve Your Finances

Are sacred cows hurting your financial future? Learn how to slay the little extravagances to improve your finances and your financial future.

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