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Should We Rent or Buy in Retirement?

We evaluate your housing options when downsizing for retirement to help you decide whether renting or home ownership makes the most sense for your retirement.

Protecting Elderly Parents from Scams

Seniors are scammed out of billions each year. And the internet has only made it easier for scam artists and con men to steal from the elderly. How can you protect your elderly loved ones?

10 Ways Your House Can Make or Save You Money

Do you want to age in place? Here are 10 ways you can leverage your home in retirement so you can do just that!

What Does Medicare Cover?

Not sure what Medicare covers? We explain how to find out if something will be covered by Medicare, how to estimate costs for complex services, and where to get help understanding Medicare benefits.

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Retired on Almost No Savings photo

How We Retired With Almost No Savings

Wondering how best to stretch a small retirement fund? See how one couple retired with almost no savings. In fact, less than $10k in retirement savings and they’re making it work!

Could Debt Derail Retirement photo

Could Debt Derail Your Retirement? A Checklist

One of the most important ingredients for a comfortable retirement is to be debt free when you retire. Could debt derail your retirement? Use this checklist to find out.

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